Empowering Young Adults is parent training founded by Randy and Colleen Russell in 2005. It was designed to meet the needs of preparing and launching young adults with practical skills and a sense of purpose.  

Colleen and Randy have three adult children and one grandchild, but the inspiration for this training came with designing and running a transitional leadership school from 1998 to 2005. Young people from the USA and beyond came for a five month adventure in self-discovery, life preparation and celebration into adulthood. The program trained both young person and parents on how to make healthy life transitions.


A little about Colleen and Randy's background:

Randy is currently completing a PhD in Applied Ecopsychology.  He earned his Master's of Science from The University of Tennesse in Recreation & Leisure. His post graduate training also includes secondary education, psychology, youth services, indigenious wisdom, outdoor emergency care and experiential education.

One of Randy's main assets for working with families is the training and initiation into adulthood by wise parents, mentors and "Elders". He started his first transition school in 1974 with his parents, providing direction and training for college students.

Randy started working with parents and families of young adults while working at The NorthStar Center, which was a young adult transition program he helped design and direct from 1991 to 1998.

His experience includes recreation therapist, summer camp director, therapeutic wilderness director, high school teacher, licensed minister, and program director for leadership and transition into adulthood. 

Randy currently directs a college-level self-discovery training where young leaders discover how to use their genius and passion to make a difference in the culture and on the planet.  You can learn more about Randy's work at www.innerpathworks.com


Colleen considers herself a midwife to the soul. She is an expert in guiding individuals through major life transitions and The Dark Night of the Soul. She has a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is trained and certified as a facilitator in Self-Esteem, Neuro Linguistics, Grief Counseling, Dream & Creativity Coaching, SoulCollage®, Storytelling, and the Creative and Expressive Arts.

She is currently in her third year of Body/Soul Rhythm training, with Jungian Analyst and noted author, Marion Woodman. She is a best-selling author in an anthology entitled Overcomers Inc., Stories of Hope, Inspiration, and Courage. She is also published in the March 2010 Sage Woman Magazine.

Colleen has had a lifetime of experience in deep transitions. At eighteen, she became a single mother. She put herself through college and learned to work her way up from poverty to abundance. She married at age thirty, and became a widow at age thirty-five. Her journey through grief led her on a spiritual journey where she discovered her true self and her lifetime passion of helping others in transition to move from adversity into their full potential.

Colleen is a certified dream coach and neuro-linguistic programmer. She regularly facilitates workshops for women.  You can find more about Colleen's work at www.quest4wholeness.com