help for your struggling young adult

There are many reasons why a young adult may be struggling. Some are the results of the natural transition out of adolescence and into adulthood. This life transition is one of the most extensive series of changes that one encounters in their life. (It is important to rule out deep psychological or medical problems in order to ensure the young persons long-term success.)
Here are some of the possible reasons why young people struggle:
important parent note: Parents can unknowingly stale their young personís forward progress in three key ways:
  1. Failing to systematically shift their young person into self-reliant independence.
    (Answer: Become a consultant rather than manager)
  2. By the parent not taking advantage of their own life transition into second adulthood.
    (Answer: Become the model for successful life changes)
  3. Young people need mentors other than their parents to move into healthy autonomy.
    (Answer: Starting as early as childhood, connect your child with wise adults)