There is little to no training on the parent role for empowering and launching young adults. This quiz can provide awareness about commonly misunderstood principles that can make a big difference to you and your young adult.

  1. is your child resistant to becoming an adult because your life is lacking passion, adventure, and/or vision?
  2. is your life still primarily a reaction to your parents or the culture? (are you trying to get mom or dad's approval or "keep up with the jones"?
  3. Do you regularly rescue your adult child from the consequences of their actions
  4. is your adult child living off the assumption that you will let them remain in childlike depencence indefinitely?
  5. do you have a great plan for your young adults life, if they will simply follow through with it?
  6. are yo the primary adult guidance for you adult child to discover their identity and life direction?
  7. is your young adult able to dump their emotions on you (using anger, blame, guilt, sadness or complicency) in order to not change themselves?
  8. would you be upset or disappointed if your adult child took off on a non-traditional journey to discover themselves?
  9. does your adult child live with and off of you (non contributing freeloader)?
  10. do you use bribes or threats to try to make your adult child successful?
If you have answered Yes to any of these questions you may be unknowingly disempowering your adult child. Amost everyone answers yes on at least one. Keep reading, there is help.

The successful transition into empowered adulthood is crucial to the individual, family, culture, and health on the planet.

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