the Parent's Role

in preparing and launching

young adults


Parents   -   Teachers   -   Counselors   -   Mentors
Elders   - Uncles/Aunts   -   Grandparents

will all benefit from this training


What will you gain? 

How to support your child making wise and responsible decisions.

Secrets to communication that keeps your young adult acting out of their thinking brain.

Creating a environment for healthy self-discovery which can lead to lives of meaning and purpose. 

Why parents need to do their own transition into second adulthood; being a model for change.



You will understand why and how to formally end childhood and encourage "the heros journey" that births solid leaders for future generations.

You will feel much more confident about "letting go" of your adult child.  You may still have fears but they will not cause you to stall a healthy launch.

You will discover how much fun this new parenting role will be for you personally. It will free you up to be an adult worth emulating, but it may radically change your life.

A workbook and weekly teleconference support



The workshop runs Friday, Saturday and half-day Sunday.

except for Thanksgiving week

which is Monday, Tuesday and half-day Wednesday

A balance of experiential and informational

      Indoor and outdoor exercises (not strenuous )     

Tuition:  $650 per person

    Lunch is supplied

    Lodging is not included

Pay by check or credit card (below)


Call (509) 671-1598 to Reserve your Seat

or Email us at



Workshop Schedule

Sandpoint, Idaho


April 17 - 19

July 25 - 27

November 24-26

Call (509) 671-1598 to Reserve your Seat


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"This workshop was an incredibly motivational and insightful experience that filled me with optimism for my son's journey (into adulthood) and my part in it.

Jennifer White
California parent

"I feel like I've been mentored, without judgement and encouraged to grow myself and to be part of a chain in changing the direction of the future generations."

Cynthia Fialho
California parent

"The parent workshop has helped me understand how I can be a resource in helping my son become self reliant. Thank you Randy and Colleen."

Greg Freels,
Wisconsin parent

"Empowering and liberating for us."

Betsey Perrier
New York parent

"I found it to be helpful in dealing with my own issues of my daughter's behavior; not as hard on myself when looking for reasons this happened. What did I do wrong?"

Ohio parent

"It helped me know best how to tune into my son's needs as he moves into this next daunting developmental stage."

Wisconsin parent

"We are so grateful that we have been given the tools to have the chance to have this kind of relationship with each other; open, loving and honest.

It would be wonderful if every family, with soon-to-be-adult children, could have these mentors available to see them through this intense, emotional and intimate time."

Lisa and John Baxter
California parents

"The most impactful component for me was not just the practical nature of the information but the deep commitment and experience of the leaders."

Pat Devlin
Texas Parent